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Shakespeare In The Ruins depends on our community of incredible volunteers to support us in various ways throughout the year.  Because of our unique performance style and unusual locations, volunteering for Shakespeare In The Ruins is unlike any other theatrical volunteering experience!


If you are interested in volunteering, don’t hesitate to send us an email at shakespeare@mts.net for more information, or call Lisa at the office. She would LOVE to hear from you!


Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to these hearty souls who have been there with us on the front lines.  They have humped chairs, doled out blankies, sunscreen & OFF, served beverages, and provided emotional support to actors and our General Manager alike, all with grace and aplomb.  We could not do it without you.  Give yourselves a pat on the back… hell, give yourself a big smooch!kisskisskiss


You are…..


Susan Algie & Jim Wagner Jacqueline Lagasse
Susan Allardyce Jenn La Riviere
Carol Poturnak Rod Lauder & Marcella Fornier
Kenneth Andrew & Stacey Chess Kathy Lautens
Sheena Baird Ruth Kamenev
Linda Balance Kevin & Diane Longfield
Sharron Ballendine Alison Machutchon
Sandy Bauldic Frances Waters
Erik Berg & Olivia Essex Nancy Masarsky
Corinne Biglow Gloria Matskiw
Sandra Brabant Steve McIntyre
Dennis Cape Cathy & Jim  McKenzie
Pat Walsh Ron McKinnon & Peg Barker
Angela Connor & Toby Maloney Pat Migliore
Jamie Lee Court Bob Migliore
Jane Court Beth Militere
Joan Dennison Donna Milovitch
Evan & Beth Jones Taisa Monastryski
Brigitte, Thiane & Tahir Diop Tanis Moore
Kay Docker Lena Norcott
Alison Edgar Monica Oepkes
Nelda Johnson Michelle Owens
Maureen Eskew Helene Ptasnik
Lynne Fairhall Rene Perreault & Diane Sabourin
Louise Fenwick Lisa Petit
Sylvia Fisher & Jim Sankey Mary Ann & Gary Petriw
Sylvia Flam Jessica Philips & Nina Logan
Donna Fontaine Carol Poturnak
Margo Foxford Helen Ptasnik
Joanne Johnston Deb Radi
Colleen Funk & Tessa Pearen Michael & Indira Rennie
Jim Gibbs Linda Ring
Joan, Michele & Jennifer Gillis Chris Robson
Elizabeth Gould Marilyn Rourke
Jacek Grabowksi Carol Runions
Liz & George Green Patricia Vineberg
Lorelei Halek Audrey Smith
Helen Halpin Richard Smith
Dan Haughey Margaret Spence
Kelly Hinds Waveney Jones
Marcella Hladik Risa Thompson
Roberta Howden Murray Unger
Sultana Hussain Patrick Wright
Cheryl Hutchinson Jordan Van Sewell
Karen Hyde Brenda Vanderkerkove
Barb Janes & Bev Peters


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