“If both gain, all the gift doth stretch itself as 'tis received, and is enough for both”

All's Well That Ends Well, II.1


In order to maintain the quality and quantity of our programming while keeping it affordable and accessible for the widest possible audience,  SIR has always enjoyed and relied upon the incredible generosity of our individual donors and corporate sponsors.


If YOU would like to help us keep doing what we do through financial support, there are several ways to do so:


1) Click on the Donate Now button on the left side of the page, to donate safely and securely through Canada Helps.


2) Come down to our office in person and give our General Manager Matt a signed cheque, credit card number, or even a big handful of cash!  When you see the smile on his face, you'll know it was the right thing to do!


3) Click here to download a donation slip, print it, fill it out with a credit card number (or sign a cheque) and drop it in the mail!  Then, just imagine the smile on Matt's face when he opens it up!


4)  Pick up the phone and give Matt a  call (204-957-1753): when he finds out why you're calling, the joy you hear in his voice will tell you it was the right thing to do! heart


5) Shakespeare In The Ruins Fund:

This is a permanent endowment fund established by Shakespeare In The Ruins. Gifts to this fund are pooled and invested to benefit SIR in perpetuity! The income generated by this fund is distributed to Shakespeare In The Ruins to be used at its discretion.  It's the gift that keeps on giving!


Click here to donate to the endowment fund:


Donate Now Through!    Donate Now Through!

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