Julius Caesar


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June 5 – 29

Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park

Directed by Sarah Constible



Michelle Boulet as Lena, Calpurnia, 4th Citizen

Andrew Cecon as Antony

Toby Hughes  as Soothsayer, Trebonius, Octavius’ Servant, Cinna the Poet, Messala

Kevin Klassen as Brutus

Rob McLaughlin as Casca, Caesar’s Servant, 1st Citizen, Pindarus, 1st Soldier, Volumnius

Ross McMillan as Cinna the Conspirator, CSIS #1, 2nd Citizen, Titinius, Clitus

Ryan Miller as Octavius, CSIS #2, Mettelus Cimber, Antony’s Servant

Steven Ratzlaff as Caesar, 3rd Citizen, 2nd Soldier, Dardanius

Marina Stephenson Kerr as Cassius


Stage Manager: Lisa Nelson

Apprentice Stage Manager: Jessica Freundl

Production Manager: Rob Rowan

Property Coordinator, Production Assistant & Running Crew: Steve Vande Vyvere

Costume Design by Wanda Farian

Set and Props Design by Janelle Regalbuto

Fight Choreography by Jacquie Loewen

Text Coach: Christopher Brauer



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