Henry V


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May 31 – June 23

Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park

Directed by Michelle Boulet



Andrew Cecon as Pistol, Montjoy

Sarah Constible as Archbishop of Canturbury, Nell, Alice

Toby Hughes as King Henry V

Kevin Klassen as Chorus, Fluellan

Ariel Levine as John Bates, Dauphin

Nadine Pinette as Princess Katherine, Boy

Gord Tanner as Bardolf, King Charles VI, Duke of Orleans

Glen Thompson as Exeter, Nym

Karl Thordarson as Westmorland, Duke of Burgundy


Stage Manager: Lisa Nelson

Apprentice Stage Manager: Jessica Freundl

Production Manager: Rob Rowan

Assistant Production Manager & Property Coordinator: Steve Vande Vyvere

Assistant Director: Brenda McLean

Set & Costume Design by Brian Perchaluk

Text Coach: Christopher Brauer

Original Songs by  Sarah Constible & Michelle Boulet






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