2010 Productions

The Merry Wives of Windsor

May 27th – June 19th  Assiniboine Park Conservatory

Directed by Kevin Klassen


Eric Bossé as Nym, Caius

Michelle Boulet as Mrs. Page, Pistol

Andrew Cecon as Fenton, Slender

Sarah Constible as Simple, Mrs. Ford

Rob McLaughlin as Host, Mistress Quickly

Gordon Tanner as Master Page

Glen Thompson as Master Ford

Charlene Van Buekenhout as Anne, Hugh Evans, Robin

David Warburton as Falstaff


Stage Manager: Joy Prime

Apprentice Stage Manager: Matthew Lagacé

Production Manager: Randy Zyla Harder

Set Design by Libid Zyla Harder

Lighting Design by Randy Zyla Harder

Costumes Design by Brenda McLean

Fight Choreograpy by Jacquie Loewen

Text, Voice & Dialect Coach: Shannon Vickers


Stripped-Down Macbeth

October 22nd – November 26th  Tour

Directed by Debbie Patterson


Andrew Cecon as Macbeth

Ntara Curry as Witch, Ross, Lady Macbeth, Messenger

Jacquie Loewen as Witch, Duncan, Macduff, Murderer

Tracy Penner as Witch, Banquo, Porter, Murderer, Doctor


Stage Manager: Eric Bossé

Fight Choreography by Jacquie Loewen







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