2007 Productions

The Merchant of Venice

June 14th – 30th  Assiniboine Park Conservatory

Directed by Christopher Sigurdson


Roderigo Beilfuss as Bassanio

Michelle Boulet as Masquer, Nerissa

Andrew Cecon as Salerio, Servant

Sarah Constible as Masquer, Portia

Omar Khan as Masquer, Lorenzo

Kevin Klassen as Masquer, Gratiano, Tubal

Arne MacPherson as Antonio, Old Gobbo, Arragon

Harry Nelken as Shylock

Wayne Nicklas as Launcelot, Duke

Debbie Patterson as Salanio, Jessica


Stage Manager: Georgette Nairn

Assistant Stage Manager: Leslie Sidley

Production Manager: Marvin Terhoch

Set Design by Ken Beattie

Costume Design by Maureen Petkau

Text Coach: Christopher Brauer


A Midsummer Night's Dream

May 3rd – 19th

Directed by Arne MacPherson


Michelle Boulet as Helena, Mustardseed

Kevin Klassen as Lysander, Snout

Stephen Eric McIntyre as Theseus, Oberon

Rob McLaughlin as Bottom

Grahame Merke as Demetrius, Flute

Wayne Nicklas as Egeus, Quince, Cobweb

Debbie Patterson as Hippolyta, Titania

Talia Pura as Philostrate, Puck

Alison Vargo as Hermia, Starveling, Peaseblossom


Stage Manager: Leslie Sidley

Assistant Stage Manager: Georgette Nairn

Production Manager: Marvin Terhoch

Set Design by Ken Beattie

Costume Design by Kelly Ruth

Fight Choreography by Rob Borges


Stripped-Down Macbeth

October 15th – October 31st  Tour

Directed by Debbie Patterson


Roderigo Beilfuss as Macbeth

Ntara Curry as Witch, Banquo, Porter, Murderer, Doctor

Daina Leitold as Witch, Ross, Lady Macbeth, Messenger

Jacquie Loewen as Witch, Duncan, Macduff, Murderer


Stage Manager: Natascha Hainsworth

Production Manager: Marvin Terhoch

Costume Design by Leanne Foley

Fight Choreography by Jacquie Loewen


Stripped-Down Romeo & Juliet

February 26th – March 13th  Tour

Directed by Michelle Boulet


Eric Blais as Mercutio, Juliet

Andrew Cecon as Tybalt, Paris, Nurse

Kevin Klassen as Abram, Romeo, Lady Capulet

Glen Thompson as Benvolio, Capulet, Friar Lawrence


Stage Manager: Eric Bossé

Set Design by Michelle Boulet

Costume Design by Maureen Petkau

Fight Choreography by Rob Borges


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