2000 Productions

Love's Labour's Lost

May 25th – July 8th  St. Norbert Trappist Monastery Ruins

Directed by Dawn Mari McCaugherty


Michelle Boulet as Boyet, Dull

Daniel Cipilinski as Costard

Arne MacPherson as Don Armado

Jason Neufeld as Dumaine, Holofernes

Wayne Nicklas as Ferdinand

Debbie Patterson as Rosaline, Sir Nathaniel

Csilla Przibislawsky as Princess of France, Jaquenetta

Lora Schroeder as Maria, Moth

Robert G. Slade as Berowne


Stage Manager: Tania Olson

Assistant Stage Manager: Catherine Famega

Production Manager: Katie R. East

Set & Costume Design by Grant Guy


The Odyssey

By Rick Chafe

September 6th – 15th  St. Noerbert Trappist Monastery Ruins

Directed by Chris Gerrard-Pinker


Eric Blais as Andre, Suitor, Nymph, Sid, Telemachus

Michelle Boulet as Amphinomous, Suitor, Nausicaa, Gorge, Hermes, Dead, Siren

Sarah Constible as Athena, Eurycleia, Giardino, Cyclops, Dead, Siren

Lora Schroeder as Calypso, Melantho, Nymph, Jonesy, Suitor, Dead, Siren

Arne MacPherson as Young Odysseus, Eurymachus

Megan McArton as Penelope

Wayne Nicklas as Stranger

Debbie Patterson as Antinous, Andre, Suitor, Nymph, Solo, Circe

Tom Soares as Suitor, Irus, Eurylochus, Dead


Stage Manager: Marlene Meaden

Assistant Stage Manager: Amanda Smart

Production Manager: Katie R. East

Technical Director: Sue Stone

Set Design by Leanne Foley

Costume Design by Catherine Green

Lighting Design by Scott Henderson

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