My Present Business

“My present business calls me from you now.”

The Comedy of Errors, I.2


Now that the dust and feathers of The Comedy of Errors have settled, here’s a peek into what the next few months hold in store for some of our Artistic Ensemble members:


Michelle Boulet has spent the past 5 months in Vancouver assistant directing A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Bard On The Beach, and will spend the next 2 months working on The Winter’s Tale with the all-female ensemble Classic Chic Productions!


Andrew Cecon will be performing in The War and Peace Show (an initiative of Project Peacemakers) at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, which is also being directed by Debbie Patterson.  Andrew also has a small part in the horror feature The Exorcism of Molly Hartley, and will spend August raising funds for a short film he is producing and performing in which will be shot in September (producer credits are available for the low buy-in of $1000)!


Sarah Constible continues to pursue her destiny in “Ford Nation”…


Kevin Klassen will be chewing up the scenic ruins of the St. Boniface Cathedral as “Nero” in the Fringe Festival production of Quo Vadis under the direction of Ron Jenkins (chief architect of The Comedy of Errors).  Quo Vadis will also feature SIR Board Member Randall Payne!  In September, Kevin will be performing in a production of Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts at the Rachel Browne Theatre.


Toby Hughes will be appearing in two shows at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival: Outside Joke is a long-form musical improv company that weaves together narrative and song to bring a brand new hour-length musical to the stage every show.  The DnD Improv Show combines the fantasy and dice rolling of Dungeons and Dragons with lavish costumes and live-action combat to create an over the top serial Fringe adventure.  Toby will also be guesting with the Big Stupid Improv Show from time to time!


Arne MacPherson spent two weeks in Iceland in June acting as “B” cameraman and driver on Erika MacPherson’s MTS On Demand documentary Heim Thrall.  Shooting will continue through September in Manitoba and possibly Vancouver.  He spent July shooting a documentary about the theatre troupe Knavish Hedgehogs, and will work on post-production in the fall.


Now get out there and see some theatre!!!


Winnipeg Fringe Festival!


Rainbow Stage!

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