My Present Business

“My present business calls  me from you now.”

The Comedy of Errors I.2


As we draw toward an end with our 20th Anniversary Season, you might be interested in what our Artistic Ensemble members will be up to in the next few months:


Eric Bosse remains MTYP’s venue technician, and a member of Theatre Incarnate.


Michelle Boulet will serve as Assistant Director for RMTC’s The Glass Menagerie.


Andrew Cecon will be appearing in RMTC’s ChekovFest production of The Seagull as well as The Secret Annex.  He has also, along with Sarah Constible, produced an ACTRA Member Initiated Project called Jump which will premiere at the ACTRA Film Festival in March. On top of all this, he is preparing to be “sworn in” as our new Artistic Co-Chair!


Sarah Constible, in addition to having her ACTRA Member Initiated Project called Jump premiere at the ACTRA Film Festival in March, will appear in WJT’s ChekovFest production of Ivanov. 


Kevin Klassen will be performing in The Cherry Orcharda co-production by TBTR & Echo Theatre for ChekovFest. He will also be helping to develop and stage a brand new play by Echo Theatre’s Charlene Van Buekenhout, while continuing to work on a new play of his own.


Arne MacPherson will be directing a production of the Judith Thompson play Such Creatures (Jan 2-5 at the Colin Jackson Theatre) before joining Sarah in Ivanov (in the title role). He will then direct the world premiere of  Debbie Patterson’s Sargent & Victor & Me  for TPM before moving on to direct PTE’s HomegrownCome the Spring, Arne will epitomize the title role in Dry Cold’s A Man Of No Importance.


Debbie Patterson will be performing in the world premiere of her play Sargent & Victor & Me, shortly to be followed by another brand new work for Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. In the meantime, her Robert Munsch stories adaptation Portage & Munsch: 50 Below will entertain children of all ages throughout Manitoba, on behalf of PTE (with two other Munsch adaptations scheduled in Surrey, BC and Barrie, ON this summer).


What a talented bunch of busy bees we have to boast of!

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