Their Names Are Prick’d

"These many, then, shall die; their names are prick'd"

Julius Caesar, Act IV.1


It's almost here: the first day of rehearsal!


As we head into the final weekend before we begin to nudge the Julius Caesar juggernaut into motion, I thought I'd bring you up to speed as to who will be joining us this spring, and who's playing whom (asterisks are to indicate an actor who will die at least once on stage):


Michelle Boulet – marking her 25th performance in 20 years with SIR, in the roles of Lena, Calpurnia, and Fourth Citizen


Andrew Cecon –  he's Mark Antony - lend him your ears (he promises he'll give them right back)


*Toby Hughes – he's back to  play A Soothsayer, Trebonius, Octavius' Servant, Cinna the Poet, and Messala


*Kevin Klassen – Et me? Bruté(us)


Rob McLaughlin – will provide Casca, Caesar's Servant, First Citizen, Pindarus, First Soldier and Volumnius


*Ross McMillan – back for the first time since As You Like It in 2005, Ross will appear to be Cinna the Conspirator, CSIS Agent #1, Second Citizen, Titinius and Clitus (but not all at once)


Ryan Miller – making his SIR debut as Octavius, CSIS Agent #2, Metellus Cimber, Antony's Servant, and Fifth Citizen


*Steven Ratzlaff – you've seen him as the face of our publicity campaign, now get up close and personal as he portrays Third Citizen, Second Soldier, Dardinius and the man himself: Julius Caesar (as well as Great Caesar's Ghost!)


*Marina Stephenson Kerr – following up her 2006 SIR debut in the title role of Head, she's now back to play Cassius 


We are also delighted to welcome back Lisa Nelson and Jessica Freundl to our Stage Management team, as well as Text Coach Christopher Brauer and Fight Choreographer Jacquie Loewen.


And, of course, as you (should) already know, the whole "megillah" is being adapted and directed by Sarah Constible!


So: now that you know, what are you waiting for?!  


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