Caesar Is Returning

"The games are done and Caesar is returning."

Julius Caesar I.2


Hello again, friends.


It's now been two months since this blog was updated, and those of you who were fortunate enough to join us at our Caesar's Palace fundraising gala will have some idea of what has primarily been occupying my waking (and sleeping) hours in the meantime!  I am, as I hope has already been adequately expressed elsewhere, extremely grateful for all of the generosity of time, talent, creativity, physical labour, good will, enthusiasm and (not least) sweet, sweet cash that contributed to a very successful and worthy celebration of our twentieth anniversary season!


I'd like to quickly draw attention to a handful of individuals who probably can't be thanked enough: the cast of the 20-Minute Julius Caesar (see home page for complete list), who slammed that dunk like Wilt Chamberlain playing for the Harlem Globetrotters; our gladiators (see home page), for blowing the lid off the PTE Mainstage; Christopher Brauer and Steven Eric McIntyre, for keeping the cups filled; my brother Ron Klassen, for keeping the food stations laden with delectables; our volunteers Susan Algie, Jim Wagner, Angela Connor, Sylvia Flam, Helen Halpin, Dan Haughey, Kelly Hinds, Andy Horaska, Kathy & Jim Mackenzie, Blair Philpott, Helen Ptasnik, Tracey Loewen, Marion Klassen, and Angela Wells for keeping the wheels turning; our technician Cari Simpson for keeping the lights on and the music playing; and of course (and in particular) our General Manager Matthew Moreau, for generally managing to make the whole thing happen.


If YOU were there, thank you for coming!  If you weren't there, start making plans to be at next year's event!


And above all, start preparing yourselves to be in attendance at this year's Main Stage production of Julius Caesar at the ruins!


PS You should also go see The Walworth Farce being presented and performed by members of SIR's Board & Artistic Ensemble!  Reservations: or call (204) 880.9097.

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