One More, Most Welcome

"And you among the store, one more, most welcome, makes my number more."

Romeo and Juliet I.2


It is with tremendous pride and giddy anticipation that I hereby announce the first new addition to the SIR Artistic Ensemble in over eight years: Gordon Tanner.


While Gordon has graced SIR with his presence as a performer but twice (in Henry V and The Merry Wives of Windsor), the impact his presence had on the quality of those two shows, and the impact he has had on Manitoba's theatre (and film) community in nearly two decades as an actor, writer, director and producer more than qualify him for his place among our rogue's gallery.


Gord's demonstrated work ethic and capacity to "call it as he sees it" (rarely without some degree of his infamously gleeful, sardonically barbed sense of humour), and his generous nature have always made him a joy with whom to collaborate, and he will, I have no doubt, make a valuable and lasting impact on the future of Shakespeare in the Ruins.


Welcome aboard, Gord!

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