Admit Me Chorus

"For the which supply, admit me Chorus to this history"

Henry V  Prologue


Holy moley: has it really been seven weeks since the last blog post?


Well, as you are likely aware, there's been quite a lot happening here at the old SIR headquarters…




Also, for the past two weeks we've been actually rehearsing for our Main Stage production of Henry V.


It's a great play, and it's going to look (and sound) great out AT THE RUINS!!!


As of twenty minutes ago, I got myself officially (if not impeccably) off-book, so I thought I'd drop a quick line or two just to say how excited and grateful I (and everyone else to whom I've spoken) am (are) about (for) the opportunity to be working on this magnificent play.


Shakespeare has managed to create a portrait of war that challenges our motives and questions the cost, while simultaneously offering a moving and heartfelt salute to the unfathomable (from my perspective, at least) courage and sacrifice of those who fight.


I have been given the great privilege of playing "Chorus" and "Captain Fluellan", and I am learning much.  I promise to keep you posted. 

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