Here and There

"Alas, 'tis true I have gone here and there
And made myself a motley to the view"

Sonnet CX


One of the great aspects of being an "artist-run" organization is that SIR is able to regularly benefit Winnipeg's wonderful theatre community by "lending out" members of  our Ensemble to work on their shows. 


(I place the expression "artist-run" in quotations because I believe, in a general sense, ALL theatres are run by artists: that's why we call them Artistic Directors.  The distinction in SIR's case is that we have a GROUP of artists [performers, directors, designers, playwrights] in charge of of our programming: the SIR Artistic Ensemble.  For further clarification, click on the "About" icon above and explore.  I place "lending out" in quotation marks because the preceding introductory sentence is intended, perhaps obviously, not to be taken too seriously.  Having said that, I am inclined to believe that any organization with the good taste to put our Ensemble members to work does so to their organization's benefit.)


Beyond their duties toward SIR, the Ensemble is once again keeping plenty busy for this year's exciting new theatre season, and this page seems to me an appropriate forum in which to tell you all about their various activities!  This is not intended specifically as an endorsement for the projects herein described, except to the extent of SIR's standing policy that you should ALWAYS attend ALL THE LIVE THEATRE YOU CAN!  (And if you find yourself forced to make choices, you may as well do so armed with the knowledge of which choices will afford you the opportunity to enjoy the work of our intrepid SIR Artistic Ensemble Members.)


Eric Bossé is already knee-deep in his second season as MTYP's House Technician.  He will also be contributing his expertise to Theatre Incarnate's  production of Lilith – A Cautionary Tale, part of Winnipeg Jewish Theatre's Neurotica festival.


Michelle Boulet will  be returning for a third tour of duty as director of SIR's Stripped-Down Romeo & Juliet fall tour, and in December she will be part of Theatre Projects Manitoba's In The Chamber Holiday Special as "Co-Duumviratrix" of the Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir.


Andrew Cecon will be performing in Theatre Projects Manitoba's The Three Sisters, a co-production with zone41.  After that, he will grace the John Hirsch Theatre stage in the Manitoba Theatre Centre's Romeo and Juliet, followed by his participation in The Smell of Dead Mums, a new creation from Echo Theatre.


Sarah Constible has been preparing for her role in Theatre By The River's Generous, and will then join her Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir "Co-Duumviratrix" Michelle in  Theatre Projects Manitoba's In The Chamber Holiday Special.  In the new year, she'll pay a visit to Suffragette City in The Fighting Days, at the Manitoba Theatre Centre.  Sarah will then return to TPM to perform in Dionysus in Stony Mountain.


Kevin Klassen (your humble blogsmith) will also make a brief appearance in Theatre By The River's Generous, and will also be in Manitoba Theatre Centre's Romeo and Juliet.  He will then hit the trail in MTC's regional tour of The Melville Boys.  Not long after that, he will join Prairie Theatre Exchange's production of 'Til It Hurts.


Arne MacPherson will once again be directing Prairie Theatre Exchange's annual Munsch tour (this year: The Three Munschketeers), and will also perform in Mrs. Warren's Profession and August: Osage County for the  Manitoba Theatre Centre.


Debbie Patterson has begun another tenure as Artistic Associate for Prairie Theatre Exchange, and as adapater/playwright/sound designer/composer for The Three Munschketeers.   She continues to develop her play Sargent and Victor after a "stunning and triumphant" premiere in Reykjavik at the Lokal International Theatre Festival, and will present it with Núna (now) in the spring.  Debbie will be the Carol Shields Writer in Residence at the Uof W from January to May, during which she will work on a new piece called Tuktoyaktuk and Me.  In the meantime, she will also be singing in the Rainbow Harmony Project Choir just for fun.


Wow!  All that, and they manage to keep SIR thriving and surviving as well!  What a wonderful, dedicated group of Winnipeg theatre artists!


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