As You Like It, or: What Will You?

August 24, 2011


As hard as it is to believe, SIR will be celebrating its 2oth Anniversary in 2013, less than two years from now.  It's a rather impressive feat (if I do say so myself), given the adventurous and challenging nature of the way in which we continue to go about the business of creating adventurous and challenging theatre.


Plans to celebrate this milestone are already underway, and as I sit here in the office reflecting on the ever twisting and turning trajectory of our collective history, a question ocurrs:


How do YOU think we should celebrate…?


Is there a particular Shakespearean title which you've long yearned to have us perform?  Have you found yourself visiting some place and thinking: "this would make an ideal location for an SIR production…!"?  Do you have fond memories of a previous production, and wonder how wonderful it might be were we to revisit the same play in a different way?


Well, please consider this a personal request to share those ideas with us now.  As in all things, the final programming decisions for our 2013 season will boil down to the consensual will of the Artistic Ensemble and the cold, hard reality of our financial limitations, so we can't make any promises.


However, our respect and commitment to you, our audience is such that it would be negligent if we didn't, at the very least, ask.


Please e-mail your suggestions with the subject line:

"How To Celebrate 20 Years"



If nothing else, we certainly insist on your attendance…






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