The final week played out beautifully…

Well, as my dad says: "It's all over but the crying…".


The final week played out beautifully, weather-wise, show-wise, house-wise and otherwise, much to our relief.  All in all Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2 was a criminally under-attended production, and this Tuesday's Board & Ensemble meetings will no doubt be occasions for soul-searching, hand-wringing and head-scratching.  Those who did attend were (from the majority of reports) well entertained and well pleased, including our school matinees (which actually managed to exceed projected attendance).  The introduction of "What-You-Will Wednesdays" proved extremely popular, as did our Saturday matinees, so perhaps things have simply become financially tighter among the theatre-going public.


Whatever the case, I'm extremely proud of what we accomplished with this production, and grateful to all involved.  Particular congratulations are due once more to Sarah Constible for the outstanding job she did of combining the two plays into one cohesive, coherent, and extremely engaging story.


Next up: SIR at the Fringe! 


Yep, I've gone ahead and taken personal responsibility (with the blessing of the Board, the Ensemble and management) for bringing Shakespeare in the Ruins' Stripped-Down Romeo & Juliet to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival!  The name of the show: "Shakespeare in the Ruins' Stripped Down Romeo & Juliet".  The name of the producing company is Will & DeSIRe.


The cast will be coming over for a read-through and some table work this Wednesday evening, rehearsals begin a week from today, and we'll open the following week!  It's going to be a whirlwind process, and it's going to be a whirlwind show!  For anyone who hasn't seen it, this is an all-male, four-(and a half) actor version of R&J performed in traditional Elizabethan costumes in one hour or less!  It's one of three shockingly entertaining touring productions that SIR has been touring to high schools for the past six years, and (in my opinion) it's about time it was introduced to a wider audience.


The exciting cast includes Andrew Cecon, Tommy Keenan, Ray Strachan and Glen Thompson (with a few cameo appearances from stage manager), with yours truly directing.


You can actually buy your tickets RIGHT NOW by visiting the FRINGE WEBSITE!  Hope to see you there!



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