What a week!

Seeing the tent in all its full-sized, three-poled, twelve-paneled glory for the first time was a stirring occasion: really quite impressive.  (The new Children's Playground next door to us is equally impressive, as is the parking traffic: all are recommended to arrive early, secure a place to park, and enjoy a stroll or a picnic!)


Seeing the entire cast decked out in its costume finery is also something wonderful to behold: a technicolor dreamscape (all the more enchanting bathed in the glow of the stage footlights [there's really nothing quite like footlights for evoking that "theatre magic" feeling]). Grant Guy, Maureen Petkau and their crew of cutters and stitchers have (as usual) outdone themselves.


Seeing the path to our proposed (outdoor) first act location swamped in mud and water and therefore unusable was, although disappointing, a blessing in disguise, as we will now make be able to make full use of Grant's intimate, deep thrust stage design, and provide (slightly) more climate control for you, our audience. 


Make no mistake: it's still outdoor theatre!  Hot will be hot, cold will be cold, wet will be wet.  BUT… we will be mud and straw-bale free!!!


Seeing (and hearing and feeling) the company tighten the show last night by fifteen minutes(!) between tech runs was thrilling, and I feel confident enough to state in (electronic) print that this show is going to entertain the hell out of people!!!  A huge round of applause goes out to Sheena Sanderson and Jessica Freundl (our stage management crew) and our production manager Rob Rowan for rolling with the punches and pulling all of the practical/technical elements together.


Should also mention that Sarah, Michelle and Tommy Keenan have written (and will be performing) some incredibly beautiful music for this show.




By the way, anyone who was able to attend the Shakespeare in the City production of "Hamlet" last Wednesday will attest to what a special evening of theatre this continues to be, and what a valuable program SITC has become.  Longtime SITC member Jenn LaRiviere introduced the show with a beautiful, personal statement of how her involvement in theatre has improved her life, and the show was a perfect example of just how accessible and affecting Shakespeare's words can be (for EVERYONE).  Congratulation to the whole gang, and deepest thanks to Claire Friesen for making it happen year after year.


You can read more about SITC and some of its participants in this article on CBC's Manitoba Scene Website



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