Here’s what you probably didn’t know until right now

Kevin Klassen, one half of your intrepid Artistic Chair here, taking a break from the Twitter page to announce official casting for HENRY IV, PARTS 1 & 2 (including additional roles that you won't find on our home page)!  If you've been paying attention at all, you already know that David Warburton (Merry Wives of Windsor, Strong Poison, etc.) is coming back to play Falstaff (hooray)! And if you've been seeing much theatre in the past few years, you may have recognized Toby Hughes (The Skriker, Remember The Night, etc.) as Prince Hal in our promo image! 



Here's what you probably didn't know until right now:


Kevin Anderson (Blue Kettle, Saint Joan) will perform the title role, as well as that of Wart (which would also make a great title).


Michelle Boulet (Ensemble Member) will make her 24th(!) appearance with SIR as resident whore Doll Tearsheet, as well as Fang, Blunt, and many more.  (To clarify, this is her 24th appearance with SIR, not her 24th appearance as resident whore.)


Andrew Cecon (Ensemble Member) will be playing the King's right-hand man the Earl of Westmoreland, and Falstaff's loudmouth crony Pistol.


Sarah Constible (Ensemble Member) will take up the mantle of Mistress Quickly (which was so indelibly wrought by her man-friend Rob McLaughlin in last year's Merry Wives of Windsor), and will also provide the sounds of Silence.


Brock Couch (whose name, which perhaps you've never heard, you will certainly never forget) will make his exciting professional stage debut with SIR as Hotspur.


Tom Keenan (of Tom-Tom Theatre fame) will play Hal-pal Poins, as well as making an attempt at Feeble (though not a feeble attempt), and you can also get caught up in his Snare.


Finally, I myself will appear as the saucy, villainous Earl of Worcester, while also plumbing the depths of Shallow.


All in all, an impressive assemblage of thespianism!  To secure your opportunity to witness the outcome, go now to our Tickets page and order yours!

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