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Adventurous audiences – thank you for making our June 4-27th shows at the Ruins a success. Coming soon to the WAG, the Forks, and Central Park!



In collaboration, Shakespeare in the Ruins and the Winnipeg Art Gallery are pleased to present a special edition of Antony + Cleopatra that will move you through the WAG… literally. The classical tale is right at home at the WAG, running alongside the Gallery’s current exhibition: Olympus: The Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin. Both matinée and evening performances are being offered on July 8 and 9, 3 pm and 7 pm.


Shakespeare’s Antony + Cleopatra follows the relationship of Cleopatra and Mark Antony from the time of the Sicilian revolt to the final war of the Roman Republic. The story of mature love and imperial conquest is full of passion, jealousy, war, and poisonous death. This first-ever Shakespeare in the Ruins performance at the WAG brings the production to the contemporary stage by placing it against the backdrop of Manitoba’s fur trade.


Tickets are on sale now for Winnipeg Art Gallery performances on Wednesday, July 8 and
Thursday, July 9.


Click HERE to buy tickets online.
Or at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Front Desk, 300 Memorial Boulevard 





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